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Eating Disorders After Weight Loss Surgery

Hey All, Its been a REALLY long time since ive been in and around…

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Eating Disorders After Weight Loss Surgery

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Hey All,
Its been a REALLY long time since ive been in and around this forum, but Im finally feeling strong enough in my recovery to read others struggles again.
Ive been living in the transition house for 3 months and im moving out into my new apt this sunday.
I never in a million years thought I could(would have to) eat a considerable amount to maintain my weight and stay in a healthy headspace.
Ive actually learned that my body has no intent to gain weight whatsoever. I can eat what I want and i dont have to worry (which doesnt mean I dont worry... it just means that history has taught me that i dont have to).
Ive also realized how far I have come since my eating habits before surgery. Food really has no emotional pull for me anymore....rather, NOT eating does, but eating doesnt.
Its odd that sometimes eating is just a pain when youre not trying to fix something emotionally.
My emotional go to would be to NOT eat at all now...which in a disordered way is still comforting, but in time im sure that will go away.
I struggle from time to time still... and I know that will continue but I have a fantastic support team and good safety nets.
I am feeling things for the first time in my life and thats difficult, but beautiful at the same time. I can find beauty in the tears and I think thats what pulls me through.
There are a lot of new members.... I would love to hear from everyone... new and old... who are you... whats going on? Whats hard?
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