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Eating Disorders After Weight Loss Surgery

Struggling to Maintain Balance

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Eating Disorders After Weight Loss Surgery



December 20th, 2010

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December 7th, 2010

Gastric Bypass Results

Hey guys, check out my friend Adam. He had GBS back last year, and he lost over 100lbs. He used some supplements to tone up and tighten up some of the loose skin. He's got this amazing story actually.

Check it out here:
Adam's Story

Thanks Mondo Justin

May 24th, 2007

(no subject)

Hey All,
Its been a REALLY long time since ive been in and around this forum, but Im finally feeling strong enough in my recovery to read others struggles again.
Ive been living in the transition house for 3 months and im moving out into my new apt this sunday.
I never in a million years thought I could(would have to) eat a considerable amount to maintain my weight and stay in a healthy headspace.
Ive actually learned that my body has no intent to gain weight whatsoever. I can eat what I want and i dont have to worry (which doesnt mean I dont worry... it just means that history has taught me that i dont have to).
Ive also realized how far I have come since my eating habits before surgery. Food really has no emotional pull for me anymore....rather, NOT eating does, but eating doesnt.
Its odd that sometimes eating is just a pain when youre not trying to fix something emotionally.
My emotional go to would be to NOT eat at all now...which in a disordered way is still comforting, but in time im sure that will go away.
I struggle from time to time still... and I know that will continue but I have a fantastic support team and good safety nets.
I am feeling things for the first time in my life and thats difficult, but beautiful at the same time. I can find beauty in the tears and I think thats what pulls me through.
There are a lot of new members.... I would love to hear from everyone... new and old... who are you... whats going on? Whats hard?

April 18th, 2007

(no subject)

  Hi all,   I am posting this under a different journal because I do not want anyone I know in real life to see this or see what I am going through.  I am a long time member of WLS  I am over 3 years post op and down about 150 lbs.  I  am really struggling with food issues lately.  In november I got sick and lost a few pounds.  I had been about the same weight since I was 2 years out.  And not gained or lost anything.  I saw the loss in November and it got me on a downward spiral that I feel is quickly getting out of control.  I would have days where I wouldn't eat or only eat once because I just really wasn't hungry.  Mind you I am not the poster child for WLS.  I drink coffee and diet soda all day, never never enough protein etc.  After november, I started not eating for maybe 2-3 days in a row, just drinking.  Then I would have "binge days"  which still really never amounted to probably more than 2000 cals a day.  I started using laxatives, cause I love that EMPTY feeling.    I felt so gross about eating the days I DO eat, I just wanted to get rid of it.  I take 6-8 ex lax at a  time and sometimes drink mineral oil to get rid of it, and I get distressed if it doesn't work right away.   I have lost 15 pounds in the last 2 months.    I am wearinfg a 6-8 and my medium tops are swimming on me.  my face and upper body look emaciated, not so much on my ass, but I have SOOOO much extra skin, it is hideous.  I feel hideous and out of control, and just shitty.  I hate myself right now.  I am lying to my while family, I haven't told my husband or my mother.  I can't i really can't.  My "friends" are worthless.  I tried to bring it up to my one friend, and she actually had the balls to say to me, "well it isn't like you couldn't lose a few more pounds."  Mind you she is a big girl, and actually posted in her blog about not wanting to be the fat friend.  I am feeling really isolated right now and just would like some advice -ideas -support etc.....   I am going to maybe ask the doctor about an antidepressent, because this is really got me very low.  Thanks, all for listening to my rant,  Freaky.

February 16th, 2007

should I worry?

cat eye pic
Hey all, I haven't really posted in here because, well, I only had my surgery in Nov...

I had a stomach flu this week and now I'm finding that anything I try to eat makes me nauseous. I'm having dreams where food is gross, I have NO interest in eating or in seeing other people eat.

Food is, in short, totally revolting to me.

I don't know if this is a side effect of the flu or if I'm developing an eating disorder. I've had enough experience with ed's to know when I'm traveling down that path and I REALLY don't want to.

Comments? Thoughts?

Thanks all,

January 12th, 2007

(no subject)

I see you all are looking for me :)
Its nice to know IM loved and missed.
I am still in treatment. Im on the highest level. Ive learned so much. I never thought I could eat this much and control my weight, especially with no restriction. It turns out I do have to eat quite a bit to maintain.
Im struggling quite a bit, but the disorder is loosing its power every day, every bite.
I miss you all so much!
I have my lap top here now, so Ill be around much more often.
Fill me in!
Or, if you all have any questions about treatment or anything, feel free.. IM an open book.

January 9th, 2007

Is everyone okay? I guess in a community like this, no posts are good posts, eh? :p

I've been doing really well. My weight is stuck around the same weight - and I'm not obsessing over it - I'm actually kind of happy. I haven't counted calories in god-knows-how-long, and I've been trying to push more foods. I'm doing well.

How bout you?

December 3rd, 2006

(no subject)

Hello Goddesses, Its been a long time since Ive heard from you all.
Lets do a check in... real, true, honest... whats good, whats bad, and whats next?

Love to you all

November 28th, 2006

(no subject)

Okay... so in treatment today they tell me that... im dropping weight? wtf?

November 26th, 2006

(no subject)

I'm in need of a RL support group. There isn't one in the town I ive in for WLS patients. I was thinking of joining TOPS as an inexpensive place to go.

Any thoughts on TOPS? I have heard that they won't let us surgery folks participate in the contests - but I didn't pay attention to them when I went as a pre-op. So that is a non-issue.
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